What We Offer To Businesses

The Internship Initiative offers countless opportunities for your business that cannot be matched anywhere else. Like our applicants, many businesses lack opportunities to tap into the next generation of talent. That is, until now. We concentrated a pool of ambitious and hardworking applicants for you, and we also do take care of ALL the busy work. All that you will need to do is specify your requirements, and we will match your needs with the best applicants possible for you. 

As a business, we know how difficult it can be to reach out to the local communities for awareness. That’s why we’ve taken care of the all-important task of extending the knowledge of your valuable business to the community at large. With our phenomenal far-reaching social media campaigns and extensive marketing efforts, TII ensures that you will have the very best applicants tailored to your needs.

In addition, TII provides a way for your business to help the local community and itself at the same time. Generating a positive image in the community is paramount for any successful business. By creating opportunities for high schoolers in your business, your business reaps the benefit of a positive public perception as well as a hardworking intern.

With many businesses looking to younger age groups for recruitment, the trend indicates that high schoolers are the next pool to be tapped into. Now what better way to ensure a future of success for your business, than by catching onto trends early?

As an added bonus, if the high schoolers find interest in your industry, they are much more likely to return to your business in the future (in college, or post-college). This is primarily because your business would be one of the few that our applicants would be aware of, so you would be effectively catching them very early on in their professional pipeline. 

With our easy to use business model, as a business, your only task is to fill out a quick business survey telling us what type of intern you are seeking and describing your business and the position. And that’s all! We take care of all the marketing and filtering for you, so that you can focus your efforts on the important tasks. At the end of the process, we deliver a pool of applicants for you to choose from that fit your criteria and are ready to work. 

Our process is also flexible depending on your needs. For example, if your requirements have changed or you need applicants by an earlier date, no worries, we can easily adapt. Our goal is to make the whole process as effortless as we can for both businesses and applicants. 

Once you provide us with your requirements, we search through our database of applicants and match you with your ideal interns. This way, you don’t need to waste resources sorting through those that are unqualified, and can spend more time with those that fit your profile. 

Many businesses are often apprehensive of taking on internships due to the mistaken stigma of high schoolers as immature in a professional environment. TII effectively deals with these concerns through “Skills and Courses,” a high-quality professional development program which takes care of exactly that. Under expert guidance, all applicants will be able to go through comprehensive training which teaches them how to act in a professional environment. 

Our courses ensure that all applicants are completely familiar with job skills such as resumé writing and interviewing through our courses, making sure that every applicant is polished and ready for the workspace by the time of the internship.

TII isn’t just incredibly effective at what it does, it’s also priced affordably. Unlike other job recruitment sites like Indeed.com, LinkedIn.com, Internships.com, etc., our pricing strategy is upfront and cheaper in almost all categories. Many of these sites charge businesses backend fees that businesses may not be aware of when they sign on. Well, not with us. On our business pricing page, you can find a step by step break down of any and all fees that TII charges businesses. There are no surprises with us. 

In terms of prices, our flat rate per session and fixed fee per intern can be found nowhere else. It is not uncommon to find businesses, big or small, to be spending thousands of dollars annually on recruiting. Assuming that our average business onboard 2 interns, the cost with TII is a mere $300. 

As an additional advantage, your company will experience a much higher return rate of former interns becoming employees in the future. Studies have shown that companies that get high school interns will have a considerable competitive advantage in the job market in the future. As our committed interns will already be exposed to your industry, they will become more passionate and willing to work further in depth with your business long after their internships have finished. Furthermore, they will be more receptive to work in your company because they are aware of your business model and will be eager to learn more by joining back as an employee.

Who better to understand the value of high school internships than high schoolers themselves? As TII is run by dedicated high schoolers, we understand the merit of the incredible opportunities that businesses like yourselves provide to us. That is exactly why our company seeks to match such ambitious applicants who will fit your exact needs as a business. We provide you with the rare opportunity to utilize our talents, and you provide us with the opportunities to truly experience the professional world through internships.

What’s more? Research indicates that teenagers are currently working less than they were during the 90’s (75% vs 52.5%). How can we help? Well, as teenagers, we know exactly what will appeal to our demographic and what won’t work. This added guidance can only help your business more by being the most attractive it can be to the future generation of workers.