One Word: Free

We’ve been raised to think that nothing in this world is free. But here at The Internship Initiative, we are a true testament to our core value of providing opportunities to all high school students. We, more than most, understand that the internship process can turn ugly very quickly. There are so many different websites, different requirements, etc, that exist. And for that reason, we have streamlined the entire process and done all the negotiating with businesses, so that you are literally one click away from an internship.

Why is it free?

People are always suspicious when something is offered to them for free. However, we can assure you that as students, everything is free from start to finish. We did this because it has always been our intention to create change within our community. We want to send as many students as we can to internships. And the easiest way to do this, is to make it free and easy to use! This means the only cost that our platform will charge is your time. You’re welcome.

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY