How It Works

For sake of convenience and simplicity, our business pricing structure can be explained in stages, or steps. Unlike other job board sites like or, our business model is upfront and much cheaper. Rather than charge advertising fees, messaging fees, we only have a seasonal flat rate as well as a service charge per matching.

Step by Step Break Down

Stage 1: On-Boarding

Once your business has decided to join our platform, there is an upfront flat rate fee of $200 per session. (Sessions are seasonal, except for the Winter). All businesses must pay this flat rate fee, and can choose to pay again the next session.

Stage 2: Match

For every time that your business is paired with an applicant, there will be a $200 service charge. Besides for the service charge and the flat rate fee, there are no other costs that your business will face from The Internship Initiative

What is this for?

Contrary to popular opinion, The Internship Initiative is not profit driven. In fact, the revenue from business sales is used to keep the student application process free and accessible to all. So by paying these costs, you not only have the opportunity to be exposed to ambitious prospects, but are also helping the community by creating opportunities for all.

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