One of the most important programs that we offer to aspiring applicants is an incredibly unique set of courses tailored for the students themselves. When starting TII, we observed that many high schoolers enter work fields hopelessly inept at the many skills that a professional environment demands of them.

This is not out of any fault of their own but is actually an unfortunate byproduct of:

  1. A stigma that high schoolers are “immature” and cannot be introduced into a work environment at such a young age
  2. Inadequate opportunities for high schoolers that would teach them how to behave and prepare for professional life

Thus, at TII, we are now introducing an innovative and comprehensive set of new skill training programs which are designed to eliminate these exact problems facing high schoolers. Those who take our Google Classroom course series will become well versed in a wide variety of essential professional skills, including:

  • Resume writing
  • How to act in a job interview
  • How to prepare/speak in an interview
  • Application writing
  • Letters of recommendation
  • And much more, with new skills being added each week!

The best part about these fantastic courses? They’re completely free! Yep, TII offers professional skillset training at no cost!

For more information about these courses and how to join the Google Classroom, please visit the Courses and Information section of our site.