Recently at TII, we’ve been working on our sales and pitch decks and through the process, we’ve had to learn quite a bit about subjects that we aren’t familiar with.

For instance, we realized that many of the most successful startups use a similar structure for their sales decks to guarantee success regardless of the situation. If you’re interested, we learned this strategy through Andy Raskin’s viral post about Zuora. As he put it, many successful pitches have the format of:

  1. Name a Big Relevant Change In The World
  2. Show there will be Winners and Losers
  3. Tease the Promised Land
  4. Introduce Features as “Magic Gifts” for Overcoming Obstacles to the Promised Land
  5. Present Evidence that You Can Make the Story Come True

As we’ve been building our narrative and story, we’ve also had to do some self reckoning. We’ve had to come to terms with what our mission is, how to distill our brand identity, and how to convey the most potent message in the most concise way.

Everyday we’re making big steps, and we’re excited to share our sales deck with you as soon as we can.