So You're Interested in Internships

Have you watched the video? Yes? Awesome! As a high school student, you’re at a crucial turning point in your life where you have to start figuring out what you want your future to look like. It can be easy for some, and hard for others, but the important thing is that you have the chance to explore areas you’re interested in and get the chance to get some experience in those fields before you graduate and choose your major. So what are some of the benefits of internships?

  • You can explore industries without worrying about committing for the long term
  • If you already think you know what you want to do, you can have the chance to see if you really like it
  • You can network with people who have plenty of industry experience already

Clearly, there are numerous benefits to getting an internship, but why should you use TII’s platform?

Why The Internship Initiative?

We’re glad you asked! In fact, as high school students ourselves, we wouldn’t have started our service if there was a better solution out there, but there wasn’t. So what were some of the problems that we saw?


Many online job services don't offer many internship opportunities for high schoolers.


Many applications aren't made to highlight the high school experience and the unique things that all of us have done.


Nobody enjoys filling out multiple applications over different confusing interfaces.

So how did we fix this problem to make internship applications easy, fun, and helpful?


With TII's service, you only have to fill out one application which we automatically send to all the companies that you are best qualified for in the industries that you checked.


We did all the work to help compile a list of great companies. All you have to do is apply. For free.


We did the work so you didn't have to. We negotiated positions with companies so that they would start accepting high schoolers, meaning that you can't find these opportunities anywhere else.


Interested in a paid internship? How about a mentorship experience in business finance? Whatever you're interested in, we've probably got you covered. The best part? Our application is built so you can shine in all the ways that you want.

At the end of the day, we just wanted to make an application that you would love to use and a community that is supportive and helpful. Ready to get started? Check out our application page.

And if you’re wondering about some additional benefits of an internship, remember to check out our article on the benefits of internships.

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