Recently at TII, we’ve made excellent progress in many fields! Here are some of our main focuses:

  1. Reaching out to local businesses!

You can’t have internships without companies to provide them! Fortunately, the TII team has been hard at work recently, reaching out to prominent businesses in a variety of fields, including technology, engineering, finance, computer science, medicine, and more in order to bring opportunities to more students. With many more businesses soon to partner with us, we look forward to more internships and more students involved in professional experience in the weeks to come! For businesses looking to work closely with us in the future, please take a look at our page designed just for you.

2. Forging a strong social media connection!

The extent of social is seemingly limitless in today’s digital world. So, our team has been tirelessly working on social media platforms to ensure that students, parents, and businesses are up to date and fully in sync with what we are working on at TII. By staying in touch with us on our multiple mediums, you can be better informed about the fantastic new developments that we are bringing to you!

Instagram: @theinternshipinitiative Twitter: @in_initiative

3. FREE Professional Development Courses!

As we mentioned in our last article, the newest focus of TII is ensuring that students on our platform are perfectly equipped to join the professional world. Thus, we’ve introduced a top-of-the-line set of free educational courses designed for aspiring and motivated students to be prepared for their internship and beyond. To find more information about these courses and to join the Google Classroom, please visit our information page for them.

4. The Internship Initiative is now a Limited Liability Corporation!

As a business, we strive to gain more credibility and more flexibility so that we have more success in bringing students and businesses together for internship success. As you may have heard, we have just recently applied to be an LLC, or Limited Liability Corporation! This allows to have more freedom and opens up new avenues for TII as a whole to bring students like yourselves the professional opportunities you deserve. To gain a more in-depth picture of what becoming an LLC means for or us, please check our recent post about TII’s LLC status.